Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • Comity Consultancy & Manpower Resources, Inc.

  • Comity Consultancy & Manpower Resources, Inc.

  • Comity Consultancy & Manpower Resources, Inc.

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About our company


COMITY CONSULTANCY & MANPOWER RESOURCES, INC is one of the active players in the recruitment industry in the Philippines.

With the increasing demands for respectable and high quality service in the industry, COMITY CONSULTNACY & MANPOWER RESOURCES, INC has built a reputation for fulfilling demands and job placements in a professional and expedient way. The company’s genuine concern for its applicants and close relationship with the principals ensures that the process of overseas recruitment satisfies both parties.

COMITY CONSULTNACY & MANPOWER RESOURCES, INC is managed and manned by one of the industries most dynamic and competent managers and staff committed to the value of integrity, credibility and efficiency. Guided by the principles of HARDWORK, DEDICATION and HONESTY, Comity Consultancy guarantees delivery of service to its clientele/principals’ optimum satisfaction.



COMITY CONSULTANCY & Manpower Resources, INC was established with the objective of providing employment to talented and skilled Filipino workers and provide employers overseas with the highly trained labor force they require.

Our commitment to provide our applicants and principals with high quality service is mandated by our core corporate values of reliability, honesty, commitment and dedication ensuring a professional environment.