Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • Comity Consultancy & Manpower Resources, Inc.

  • Comity Consultancy & Manpower Resources, Inc.

  • Comity Consultancy & Manpower Resources, Inc.

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Comity Consultancy and Manpower Resources Inc Agency is a major player in the recruitment Industry.
Increased demands for its services resulting from its marked respectable serving in the industry due to its genuine hiring job orders and expeditious job placements have made our name well known in the industry.
Comity Consultancy and Manpower Resources Inc Agency is managed and manned by the industry’s most dynamic and competent managers and staffs committed to the value of integrity, credibility and efficiency in service. Guided by the principles of HARDWORK, DEDICATION and HONESTY, Comity Consultancy guarantees delivery of service to its clientele/principals’ optimum satisfaction.
Comity Consultancy has deployed hundreds of professionals, skilled and semi-skilled workers in most of the largest and most prestigious business establishments all over AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPE and ASIA, while aggressively pursuing its recruitment activities for more established countries, it is now responding to more demands around the world.
Comity pleases the principals/employers by providing them only with the best Filipino workers. This is done through a continuous and regular conduct of rigid training, trade-testing and skills upgrading. Only those who will pass the Comity standards are presented to employers. This ensures that more than skills showmanship, the workers should be both mentally and physically fit to effect workers’ responsiveness to duties. With such strict company policy, Comity establishes its name in prolific centers known globally.
With extensive bank of reserves, Comity Consultancy could quickly satisfy all labor categories that will fit the needs of the principals.



COMITY CONSULTANCY & Manpower Resources, INC was established with the objective of providing employment to talented and skilled Filipino workers and provide employers overseas with the highly trained labor force they require.

Our commitment to provide our applicants and principals with high quality service is mandated by our core corporate values of reliability, honesty, commitment and dedication ensuring a professional environment.